Wheeler’s Dog – Episode 324 – Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s Magic!

In this episode brought to you by Camel City Radio…
– Chigs wants another dog
– Jeopardy with the Harper’s
– Dupixent ads, Ozempic ads, and possible E.D. drugs
– Inspirational coffee mugs
– Women’s eyebrows
– Message from Goldfish and voicemail from Darryl “Red” Dick
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Wheeler’s Dog – Episode 31 – Demon Dreaming

In this episode- I talk about getting up with the dogs WAY before sunrise so Chigs could sleep, The MIL, “Demon Dreaming”, and my parents worries about me producing offspring. You can leave a message at The Wheeler’s Dog Speak Line at 336-422-6006. Get your bonus episode every week with a donation to the Wheeler’s Dog Podcast. Four bucks a month unlocks all the bonus audio and you won’t miss a single episode with the app.