Wheeler’s Dog – Episode 214 – Your Grass Won’t Believe It

In Episode 214 available just about ANYWHERE that you get podcasts… And listening to this one is FREE!

Brought to you this week by 7-11 & Lion Manure

– Facebook and why it’s become a cesspool of political based BS

– Our Saturday hitting up the breweries in Winston-Salem and a visit with Mr. Tea Tray & Coco

– The new Amazon series ‘Reacher’

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Wheeler’s Dog – Episode 3 – I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

Excitement over a new Amazon purchase that makes driving more pleasurable and why I REALLY don’t care for listening to the radio.  Soon there will be 2 podcasts a week.  One for everyone and one EXCLUSIVE BONUS episode available only on Patreon when you donate a measly $4 bucks a month.

PLEASE forgive the sound quality.  I screwed up and it will be explained in Episode 4.