Wheeler’s Dog – Episode 90 – Don’t Be Joking On My Facebook, Pook Bear

In this episode brought to you by Provision Farms CBD Oil, I bring up a hodgepodge of subjects like my upcoming appearance on The Less Desirables podcast, why joking on the wife’s Facebook posts aren’t a good idea, making room for a PC, questions about a holiday gathering with my father, HBO Max, its offerings, the Bee Gees documentary, holidays specials, holiday movies, and why I don’t like musicals. I also answer a question from Jimmy about radio DJs using fake names.  Questions or comments can be left on the Wheeler’s Dog Speak Line, 336-422-6006. You can even send a text message and possibly be part of a future episode. For just $4, you get a bonus episode EVERY WEEK. For more information on supporting my efforts visit

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